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Ode to Coffee.

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

I used to work in a cubicle farm. At first, it was a super fun environment where people received Funmeister Awards, which I won for creating a lunchtime movie club. During my time in the creative’s portion of the cubicle farm, I had a friend (and fellow artist, Ross Ford) who stopped by everyday to share coladas.

As any colada drinker knows, you get a stack of the small one-ounce cups with every cup. The drink itself is an elixir wrought from the gods—an intense combination of sugar and strong Cuban coffee. The small cups are provided for sharing. Sharing is ideal because this stuff can make your eyebrows wiggle.

After many coffee-sharing sessions, the leftover ounce cups were placed on the low walls of the cubicle I occupied. It created a tiny village of varying heights. And on lazier afternoons, or because I was distracted by the surge of caffeine and wrote with the power of Thor’s hammer (I was a copywriter), the leftover bags and cups and ephemera collected. And stuck together.

We joked about preserving the items like one would a butterfly collection. It seemed funny, but one of my other artist friends (Daniel Fitzgerald) made it happen. It’s actually very interesting to take in and has remained well preserved for some time, which may say more about coladas than any thing.

Any coffee lovers out there want this? Hit me up.

Art Buzz Studio coffee art
Colada Preserve, mixed media, 11"x15"x4"


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