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Room with a view. And new pillows and prints!

February has so far been a busy month for this bee! After reading just now two articles about monetizing one’s joy and how busyness is a cult, I’d still rather be busy than bored. It works for me. It may not work for you. Or your cousin Bernard. But for me, I get a great boost of joy making things and sharing the things that I make. Here are some of the other ways I’ve done this.

Thanks to Red Bubble, I have original paintings up that you can order a print, or a mug or tote, or both. A few products can be emblazoned with some fun artwork! More designs will be added next month.

And thanks to Society6, I have two designs up that you can order some prints on metal, wood, canvas, or more. Plus, some phone cases, t-shirts, and home décor.

Check it out!

Also, the guild for art and literature (GAL) I co-founded is up and has its first call to artists. The show, Stories and Secrets, will be March – April 2019 at North Regional/BC Library and coincides with the March 9, 2019 day-long event called Tell Your Story. Save that date!

Lastly, since I moved from my old studio I’ve been making a make shift version of one on my semi-enclosed porch. Sweet view and nice light!


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