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One For the Bears.

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

This is one of my first mixed media pieces created in Ft. Lauderdale. It was some time ago, while I was living with two artists (one is featured in the photograph) in a duplex off 13th street and Sunrise Blvd. I had been studying photography (a darkroom dream realized with film and enlargers and chemicals) and began to collage photographic prints into paintings. These pieces were experimental and employed oil pastels, china markers, and other tools for mark making.

This is one of the last one of its kind. I’d love to give this painting to someone who’d enjoy it as much as I have. I’d rather it live out in the world than placed in a closet. If a home cannot be found before the end of the month, it will be upcycled and reimagined into something else. I used to say bad photographs make great paintings. Now I’ve found old mixed media can make new functional pieces—like book covers.

Contact me if you’d like more information!

Art Buzz Studio mixed media canvas
Valentine Card, 40"x30", mixed media on canvas


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