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5 Reasons I Love Modern Quilting

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

I've been quilting for less than two years, but found this art form mirrors my other art making in many ways. Let's get right to these five reasons I love modern quilting:

1. More flow. Less grid work.

It’s not so matchy matchy. Sure, color theory is applied and there is still form to consider, but when you loosen up the grid work there is more of a flow to it. One where saturated color and negative space whisper to each other about texture.

2. Freedom.

There is an inherent freedom with improvisational abstract works that is instantly appealing. Don’t like it? Cut it up and start anew. Want to accentuate a certain shape? Escalate the scale. It harks back to the idea of learning the rules to break them.

3. Functional story telling.

You make some that is used and functional. Those three layers sewn together are backdrops to laughing babies and comforted laps while telling the story about its maker and all the makers that have come before. Stories about where the fabric came from, when a skill was learned, and how the quilt makes you feel.

4. Painting with fabric.

As an abstract painter, I found modern quilts to be an echo of these artworks. To me, modern quilting is abstract painting with fabric.

5. Quilts love people.

The people you meet along the quilting journey. Sewists are the best! Always willing to share a skill or encouraging thought to novice and veteran quilter alike. We’re all connected – just like a quilt.

Now that you know, take a look at some of my quilts to date!


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