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Student art. Student of life.

On Feb 13, I was honored to judge Taravella High School student work for the Coral Springs Artist Guild scholarships. It was exciting to see fresh talent and at times such raw work. A couple of students truly stood out and I hope the guild will make the best choice from the others schools across the city.

On Feb 14, I took my son to the Temple of Time (part of the Power of Art project). While I could only volunteer a short time for this project, I was glad to have helped even a little bit. Artist David Best and his formidable crew made the best use of their two and a half weeks to create a temple, which opened on the anniversary of the shootings at Stoneman Douglas. I thought through so many things while I was there. I watched my son write ‘I Love Evryone’ on the mosaic floor. I thought about how Valentine’s Day used to mean nude artwork to me for years (long story; are you interested?) and now it really doesn’t. Most of all, I remembered how lucky I was to be here now and to have people in my life that I love.

Nathan's valentine


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