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Love is love and more fabric.

Three pieces of mine are at The Box Gallery in WPB (West Palm Beach, Fla., which is a big assumption I have readers outside of SoFla!) There are two textile pieces and one mixed media on display in its February show called ‘Expressions of the Heart’. It opened on February 9, and is up through the end of February, so go visit if you can.

One of my quilts displayed during the Airing of the Quilts exhibit at the Stranahan House on February 10, 2019. It was such a sight seeing all that color in the sunshine and flapping through the breeze. It was more of a delight to see all the non-quilters taking it all in. Quilts are amazing storytellers and they all got a new audience to talk with that day.

Connect Four modern quilt at Airing of the Quilts

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